DG Gives Back




May 21, 2019

Denise Griffitts with Maggie Thaemert, 2019 recipient of the DG Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Maggie Thaemert for receiving the 2nd Derek Griffitts Memorial Scholarship of $1000. Maggie is the daughter of Kent & Beth Thaemert and she will be attending Lutheran High School of St. Charles as a freshman in the fall of 2019. The recipient of this scholarship is chosen by staff at LHS and awarded to an individual who displays qualities that were exemplified by Derek such as, leadership potential, one who is highly involved in extracurricular activities/athletics and overall academic accomplishments.












For more information on the scholarship requirements and application, please click HERE.


December 14, 2018

Pat Sheerin, Lynn Sheerin, Harry Griffitts, Lindsey Griffitts, Dr. Josh Rubin, Denise Griffitts, Ashley Hitte,FNP, and Dr. Karen Gauvain gather for presentation of donation

On behalf of the Derek Griffitts Foundation, we were privileged to meet with Derek’s doctors at STL Children’s Hospital to present a check for $10,000 to further their efforts on Pediatric Brain Tumor Research.  They were able to tell us some amazing discoveries they have recently made from their efforts and how our donation will have a big impact on their research.

We want to once again thank everyone who helped contribute in numerous ways to our Memorial Golf Tournament which made this possible.  Rest assured, this donation is going to make an impact on how brain cancer is treated in the future.  Derek, you continue to change lives!

To learn more about Washington University’s Legacy Program for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research click HERE.

To read an article from NBC news about WU’s Legacy Program Research findings click HERE.


May 22, 2018

Denise Griffitts with Finn Blankenburg, first recipient of the DG Memorial Scholarship

We are happy to announce the very first recipient of the Derek Griffitts Memorial Scholarship was awarded on May 22, 2018 to Finn Thomas Blankenburg. Finn is the son of Kurt and Shannon Blankenburg and will be attending Lutheran High School of St. Charles County in the Fall of 2018. We congratulate Finn and his accomplishments and we look forward to him carrying on Derek’s passion for sports and academics at LHS. Most importantly, we are grateful for the blessings provided to the Derek Griffitts Foundation to make the scholarship in Derek’s memory possible.